I was fortunate to meet Mina through Instagram. She was looking for a photographer to take maternity photos and said she had fallen in love with my style and creativity. Mina and her husband will be meeting their baby boy in just a few short weeks! They chose the downtown location because along the bike path is where the three of them go for walks often. I thought this idea was absolutely precious because it wasn't long ago my husband and I went on our own maternity walks. I told Mina to enjoy these moments because they go by so fast! How is it that my own baby is almost 4 months old? 

Ian and Mina were a joy to have behind the camera. The star of the show...that itty bitty bump of hers! I just can't wait until the day they get to welcome this little boy into the world. My parenting advice was (like many) "try to sleep whenever you can!" 

Oh, these two will be wonderful parents. Congratulations Ian and Mina!